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VIDEOTEC Washer pump and 23 l tank WAS1V23L30M00

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€ 1040.00
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€ 1258.40
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Productnumber: VT-WAS1V23L30M00
Delivery: [?] 10 Business days
Barcode: 7440806034053
Quantity: 1 pieces
Water tank 23l (6gal), IN 230Vac washer pump with delivery up to 30m (98ft) with water float

The Videotec WAS-WASPT is a wash kit consisting of a water tank with an integrated pump for PTZ cameras and camera housings equipped with wiper. This wide range of washers and tanks is available with capacities of 5 or 23 litres and delivery heads up to 30 metres. In the 11m (36ft) and 30m (98ft) delivery versions the lack of liquid in the tank is signalled following the automatic stop of the pump (except for 11m version of WAS series). Pumps with 30m (98ft) delivery are available only in 230Vac or 120Vac. With the use of the antifreeze liquid the minimum operating temperature goes down to -25°C (-13°F).

Main features:
-Polyethylene tank with stainless steel cage
-Versions with delivery up to 5m (16ft), 11m (36ft) or 30m (98ft)
-Versions with alarm for the lack of liquid in the tank
-Also for third-party products
-Operating temperature: from -10°C (14°F) up to +60°C (140°F)
-Available voltages in 230Vac, 120Vac or 24Vac 

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