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VIDEOTEC System video matrix PAL/NTSC SM164B

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Productnumber: VT-SM164B
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Barcode: 7440806014017
Quantity: 1 pieces
System video matrix PAL/NTSC

The SM164B matrix is a microprocessor remote-controlled video matrix which allows the video switching of 16 cameras on 4 outputs. A OSD programmable password ensures protection from improper use of the matrix. The switching is controlled by a maximum of 4 remote keyboards in RS485. The keyboards, remote up to maximum distance of 1200m (3937ft), allow the video switching and matrix set-up, on screen and telemetry control through the same matrix. 16 alarm contacts can be associated with the corresponding video inputs. In case of alarm, the alarmed video input can be displayed on the video outputs. The alarm contacts are independent and configured as Normally Open (NO) or Normally Closed (NC). The reset of an alarm situation is performed through keyboard, external contact or time-out. The telemetry control can be performed on coax cable on the 16 video inputs and on the RS485 serial output. Furthermore, it is possible to control the video switching by a VCR trigger signal.

Main features:
-16 video inputs
-4 independent video outputs with text generator
-Telemetry over the coax on the 16 video inputs and on auxiliary serial output (RS-485)
-Controllable by PC (RS-232)
-16 alarm inputs, one output contact, trigger VCR and alarm reset
-4 RS-485 serial inputs for max. 4 remote keyboards
-Privacy video masking function
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