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VIDEOTEC Video and telemetry control keyboard DCJ.3

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€ 610.00
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€ 738.10
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Productnumber: VT-DCJ.3
Delivery: [?] 10 Business days
Barcode: 7433645850823
Quantity: 1 pieces
Matrix and telemetry control keyboard with three axis joystick

This microprocessor controlled keyboard allows the control of SM82A, SM164B and SM328B matrix. The operator can set up the SM82A, SM164B and SM328B matrix and can control their functions. A LCD display assists the operator during all the control functions. Furthermore, the DCJ allows you to control up to 999 telemetry receivers, the preset and patrol functions together with the DTRX3 receiver. The three axis joystick allows a simple manual control and gives the ability to drive variable speed Pan & Tilt, and further to the most common high speed domes and can be used also for the menu set-up. Three serial RS485 communication lines are available: one for a video matrix and multiplexer and two used for the management of independent telemetry lines. A RS232 serial connection allows the firmware update from a PC.

Main features:
-Three axis proportional joystick
-Control of all Videotec matrix
  • RS-485 serial communication with video matrix and multiplexer
  • 2 RS-485 independent telemetry lines
  • RS-232 serial communication connection with PC for firmware update
-Direct control or through Videotec matrix series SM of third parties products
-Up to 9999 video channels, 999 telemetry receivers on each telemetry line and 99 monitors
-More than 40 protocols supported
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