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VIDEOTEC Telemetry receiver DTMRX2

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Productnumber: VT-DTMRX2
Delivery: [?] 10 Business days
Barcode: 7433645850861
Quantity: 1 pieces
Telemetry data receiver with 12 functions, 230Vac

The DTMRX2 is a digital receiver, controlled by a microprocessor, for remote control of a Pan & Tilt motor and a motor-driven zoom lens. The DCJ, DCTEL and SM matrix series control units ensure complete control of all the DTMRX2 functions. It is also interfaced to a PC through RS232. Connection to the control unit can be RS232 or RS485. An IP56 weatherproof box ensures protection against all weather conditions. It is available in 24Vac or 230Vac versions for Pan & Tilt motors, and allows feeding common ground or polarity inversion zoom lenses. A relay auxiliary function is available for controlling, for instance, the switching on of an IR illuminator through a power contact or the control of the wiper. Four PG11 cable glands make connections easier.

Main features:
-11 standard functions for the control of P&T motors and zoom lenses, 1 function for the control of one auxiliary service (dry contact)
-Selectable communication: RS-232 and RS-485
-Aux can be used for wiper operation
-Compatible with protocol PELCO D
-Version 24Vac = DTMRX224 
-RS232, RS485 repeater for daisy chain configuration
-Operating temperature: from -20°C (-4°F) up to +50°C (122°F)

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