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VIDEOTEC Ulisse2 PTZ unit 120Vac: UPTB3STA00A

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Productnumber: VT-UPTB3STA00A
Delivery: [?] 15 Business days
Barcode: 7440806031045
Quantity: 1 pieces
ULISSE2 PTZ unit for IP thermal cameras, 120Vac, with germanium front window Ø61mm

ULISSE2 is an outdoor full IP PTZ unit for control and management of all thirdparty IP cameras and thermal imaging cameras (ONVIF-S or those equipped with an RS485 serial port), with direct access via a browser to the camera's interface for setup and diagnostics. Thanks to ONVIF-S protocols, the Full IP connectivity of the ULISSE2 allows you to network-control P&T plus all camera functions, including the wiper, washer pump, pre-sets, illuminator activation and setup, using the most popular VMS' on the market. The advanced protection technology used has allowed certain characteristics of the new PTZ to be enhanced, such as the temperature range of -40°C (-40°F) to +65°C (+149°F). The unit can be demisted with forced air and the temperature is constantly controlled, thus preventing condensation and guaranteeing an ideal operating temperature range for the camera. The LED illuminators are easily integrated onto the P&T, even post-installation, without the need for additional power sources and independently of the unit’s power supply. The second illuminator can be turned on at certain zoom parameters, pre-set positions or manually to avoid spotlighting a near-by subject or to control a floodlight. The PTZ is equipped with a wiper that, with the help of the optional washer kit, always keeps the camera window clean for perfect visibility in all weathers. The efficient automatic self-test rapidly detects the state of the system and all reported events are stored in the internal log. A complete system backup is possible via the Micro SD slot. Improved accessibility to connections allows you to carry out wiring and diagnostics quickly and easily, without dismantling the product. ULISSE2 can be completely assembled using a single hex key (supplied) 

Main features:
-Full IP PTZ unit for complete management and control of IP ONVIF-S cameras 
-60 Mbit/s video stream for 4K cameras 
-Compatibility with motorised zoom lenses with common wire, polarity inversion, RS485 serial port and one push autofocus 
-Direct access to third-party cameras via a browser, for setup and diagnostics as a single IP address 
-Tested and certified from -40°C to +65°C (-40°F to +149°F), IP66 and NEMA TYPE 4X 
-Wind resistance: up to 220km/h (136mph) 
-Horizontal rotation: 360°, continuous rotation (horizontal speed: up to 100°/s) 
-Unbeatable positioning accuracy: 0.02° 
-Pre-arranged for the mounting of LED lights 
-Sophisticated temperature control and demisting system 
-Improved accessibility to connections for wiring and diagnostics 
-Complete installation made easier by a single key (supplied) 
-Maintenance free, 3 years warranty 
-Options: - Add-on camera Full HD 1080p, 30x (4.3-129mm), 60fps, temperature up to +65°C (149°F) 
                   - Anti-icing heated glass 
                   - UPTIRN range of LED illuminators  
                   - Versions with germanium windows for thermal cameras


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