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VIDEOTEC Ulisse Radical Thermal PTZ 24Vac: UPKT2BFSA000AH

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Productnumber: VT-UPKT2BFSA000AH
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Barcode: 7440806026010
Quantity: 1 pieces
Thermal PTZ camera with up to 24x continuous zoom ULISSE RADICAL THERMAL
Version: 24Vac, 336x256 pixel, analogue control, 25-30Hz

ULISSE RADICAL THERMAL is the first Videotec ready-to-use thermal PTZ camera system that integrates exceptional factory-assembled combinations of lens and thermal camera for unsurpassed intrusion detection and visual awareness in total darkness or extreme environmental conditions. The lens system features a continuous zoom up to 24x and an amazing AUTO FOCUS that allow quick and effective focus on targets while retaining flawless images. 

ULISSE RADICAL THERMAL is provided with Analogue control or IP, certified ONVIF Profile S, and is compatible with most VMS on the market . The Videotec's PTZ ASSISTANT plug-in software supports any VMS with the control of all special functions such as the Auto Focus. Depending on temperature, the contrast of a scene can be adjusted dynamically by the ACE (Active Contrast Enhancement) function, while the Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE) allows more detailed and crisp images. The STR (Spot Temperature Reading) function detects the temperature reading of a specific point of the monitored scene. Due to its accuracy, reliability and robustness, this thermal PTZ camera is the ideal solution for the visual control of demanding outdoor areas, such as: fire detection, military installations, border patrol, harbour surveillance, perimeter surveillance, traffic, railways and highways control and industrial monitoring. 

Main features:
-PTZ unit with factory-assembled and pre-configured thermal camera and lens 
-Continuous zoom lens, 3x thermal optics, 35-105mm and digital zoom up to 8x, 24x total zoom 
-Sensor: Uncooled Microbolometer (VOx), 17μm pixel dimension 
-Resolution 336x256 or 640x512, 7.5-8.3Hz or 25-30Hz 
-Analogue or IP (ONVIF S) versions 
-Advanced Autofocus system 
-Advanced Thermographic Function (STR, Spot Temperature Reading) 
-DDE, Digital Detail Enhancement 
-Dynamic adjustment of contrast (ACE, Active Contrast Enhancement) 
-Pre-wired camera and lens through snap-on connector for easy installation and maintenance 
-Total control of the auxiliary functions through the Videotec PTZ ASSISTANT (IP-based version) 
-Horizontal continuous rotation up to 100°/sec 
-Position accuracy: 0.02° 
-Up to 250 Presets 
-Operating temperature: -40°C / +65°C (-40°F / +149°F) 
-Power supply: 230Vac, 24Vac or 120Vac

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