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Productnumber: LC-OAP-VPN
Delivery: [?] 3-4 Business days
Barcode: 4044144616358
Quantity: 1 pieces
Option for the extension of the LANCOM OAP-8xx series with IPSec VPN functionality, 5 active VPN channels enable the secure maintenance and management of OAPs, and the provision of confidential WLANs via a VPN connection to the company headquarters, LANCOM OAP VPN Option , (LANCOM Article no 61635 )

The LANCOM OAP VPN Option upgrades the LANCOM OAP-8xx series with VPN functionality. This way, up to 5 secure IPSec VPN tunnels can be used for a safe remote management of the outdoor access points - especially ideal for providers and hotspot operators who want to manage their devices from a distance. In addition to that, a reliable WLAN can be established via a securely encrypted VPN tunnel to the headquarters - with an VPN encryption performance of up to 50 Mbps.

-Software upgrade for the LANCOM OAP-8xx series with VPN functionality
-Setup of up to 5 encrypted IPSec VPN channels
-Enables a secure maintenance and a professional remote management of outdoor access points
-Enables a confidential data transfer via unencrypted networks between outdoor access point and gateway

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