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LANCOM AirLancer Mount (ON)

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€ 83.49
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Productnumber: LC_Mount-ON
Delivery: [?] 3-4 Business days
Barcode: 4044144612602
Quantity: 1 pieces
Flexible wall or mast mounting of LANCOM outdoor WLAN antennas (ON), tilt mechanism for precise alignment, suitable for AirLancer ON-T90ag and AirLancer ON-T60ag, AirLancer Mount (ON), (LANCOM Article no 61260 )

The AirLancer Mount (ON) is a sturdy wall or pole mount for installing the LANCOM outdoor WLAN antennas AirLancer ON-T90ag or AirLancer ON-T60ag. Offering a variety of mounting options, it is ideal for securely fixing the antennas on walls or poles, whatever the local conditions. It also features a tilt mechanism for a precise alignment of the WLAN antennas.

-Flexible wall or pole mounting of LANCOM outdoor WLAN antennas (ON)
-Tilt mechanism for exact alignment
-Suitable for AirLancer ON-T90ag and AirLancer ON-T60ag

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