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LANCOM Content Filter +25 Option 3-Years

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Productnumber: LC-C+25-3Y
Delivery: [?] 3-4 Business days
Barcode: 4044144615948
Quantity: 1 pieces
3-year license for the LANCOM Content Filter, for up to 25 additional users, LANCOM Content Filter +25 Option 3-Years,
(LANCOM Article no 61594 )

The LANCOM Content Filter provides an effective solution that protects networks from abuse, prevents the inappropriate use of bandwidth, and blocks malware downloads. Blocking undesirable and illegal Internet content protects business integrity and it minimizes liability risks at the same time.

-Category-based web filter
-Time- and profile-based configuration
-Extensive usage statistics
-Category-based overrides for web pages and sites
-Additive licenses for 10, 25 or 100 users
-Available for LANCOM VPN routers, central-site VPN gateways, and WLAN controllers
-Simply upgrade your existing device and save on hardware components

LANCOM Content Filter Option:
-LANCOM Content Filter Option +10 user, 1 year 61590
-LANCOM Content Filter Option +25 user, 1 year 61591
-LANCOM Content Filter Option +100 user, 1 year 61592
-LANCOM Content Filter Option +10 user, 3 year 61593
-LANCOM Content Filter Option +25 user, 3 year 61594
-LANCOM Content Filter Option +100 user, 3 year 61595

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