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LANCOM 730-4G (EU)

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€ 599.00
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€ 724.79

Productnumber: LC-730-4G-EU
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Barcode: 4044144617102
Quantity: 1 pieces
LTE router with up to 100 Mbit/s (CAT.3) for LTE extension of LANCOM networks, compatible to LTE, HSPA+, HSxPA, UMTS, freely positionable due to 1x Gigabit Ethernet and PoE support (IEEE 802.3at), also usable as LTE stand alone router, LANCOM 730-4G (EU), ( LANCOM Article no 61710 )

The LANCOM 730-4G offers a convenient way to enhance your network infrastructures with LTE/4G. The Gigabit Ethernet port allows the high-speed integration of the LANCOM 730-4G into your network. At the same time Power over Ethernet saves the need for an additional power supply unit. The device can thus be freely positioned wherever the best 4G signal is available to fully exploit the LTE/4G data rates of up to 100 Mbps. Thereby, it is an ideal and fully integrated solution for a mobile Internet connection, especially for critical installations, or where you need a backup connection.

-Flexibly usable LTE/4G Internet access router for up to 100 Mbps
-Support of VRRP
-Professional backup function when combined with a LANCOM router
-Easily connected to a LANCOM router or PoE switch
-Gigabit Ethernet
-Full integration into the LANCOM Management Cloud
-Powered by PoE or power supply unit
-Also operates as a stand-alone LTE/4G router
-Backwards compatible to older cellular standards (2G/3G)

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