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LANCOM AirLancer Extender O-18a

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€ 239.00
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€ 289.19

Productnumber: LC_E-O-18a
Delivery: [?] Out of stock
Status: Uit de Collectie
Barcode: 4044144612107
Quantity: 1 pieces
Outdoor 18° directional antenna for large distances / P2P links, +18 dBi gain at 5 GHz, including cables, adapter, and mounting kit, for all LANCOM access points/WLAN routers, AirLancer Extender O-18a, (LANCOM Article no 61210 )

AirLancer Extender outdoor antennas are the optimal WLAN add-on for interconnecting cabled LANs via wireless bridges or for establishing pico-cell networks on campuses, hotspots, or in large halls, for example. An optional extra recommended for outdoor use: The AirLancer Extender SA-5 lightning protection.

-Directional antennas for wireless bridges and wide-angle antennas for campuses
-Complete sets include cables and mounting materials
-Optional extra – lightning protection for outdoor AirLancer Extender antenna installations

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