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  • By: Erik Egbers
  • Commend
  • 18 April 2018

Since 2003 all newly installed lifts must meet the requirements of the European  EN81-28 guideline. This part of the EN81 standard concerns the remote alarm in lifts. 

Lift intercoms must have additional features with respect to the safety of the passengers using the lift. For example, the intercom should send out its location when someone pushes the alarm button. In case of power failure, the intercom should have an emergency power supply which lasts for more than an hour. Outside of the lift cabin extra intercom modules must be mounted to enable the lift technicians to communicate with the passengers or to send out an alarm themselves.

The new Commend lift kits offer a complete package for your lift communication. These kits contain all the required hardware and software to meet the European EN-81 criteria.

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